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I hardly know where October went. Seriously. 31 days gone like that. I only received my annual Halloween care package two days ago and now I'm flipping calendars to pages with cornucopias and turkeys. I'm not even finished with all my candy corn! It can't possibly be November already! But, here we are, the blog is back (if not a little cosmetically flawed at the moment) and it's time to run the highlight reel from the past few weeks when I was missing in blogging action. Here's what's been shaking!

+ Cuts and burns --> I was bound to get a few scrapes in the pastry lab. I just didn't expect I'd have to cover my finger with a condom. Yup.
+ Scrambled eggs made by Apple --> What happens when you drop your phone in a giant vat of eggs? Scrambled eggs. That's what. Except not the good, edible kind. The kind that clogs the crevice where the phone charger plugs in. Yummy! (I'm just happy the phone is still working considering my reaction time was incredibly sloth like.)

+ Wedding anniversary #2 --> This year we went to Le Ciel at the top of the Montparnasse tower to eat a fancy schmancy dinner (guess who's choice that was?!) and take in scenic views of Paris. From the food to the skyline, everything was very sparkly, but truth be told I enjoyed last year's celebration better.

+ Bob's crossed off --> Finally got to eat at Bob's Kitchen. It's only been on my to do list since forever. But what made the experience even better was going with a friend. MommaExpat, author of HJ Underway, joined me for some tasty smoothies and deeeelicious lunchtime fare.

+ Behavior management system --> Last week it was time to bring a few of my teaching tricks into the pastry lab. Why? Because we're all little petits cochons in class and stuff our piggy faces day in an day out. No joke. Something had to be done. My school rules were decidedly not working. But now we've got a system and boy is it doing the trick. Here's how it works: everyone's initials (and by everyone I mean six of us who are actually weird enough to do this) are written on the classroom white board. For every lick or taste that goes in your mouth you get a mark next to your initials. The person who has the most marks has to clean the dirty school laundry (aprons, uniforms, etc.) of the person with the least amount of marks. There are two "loopholes." You get to taste the final product without getting a mark and if you want to taste something else you can do 50 jumping jacks and not get a mark. Ridiculous for sure, but it's working like a charm. And guess who got their laundry done last week? THIS GIRL. Booya.
+ Beware of the snake charmer --> If someone tells you to eat a million tacos at Candelaria, do it. If someone tells you to drink the snake charmer's potion at the Candelaria bar, be wary, very wary because it's so good you're not going to want to stop and it's a lot of potion. That's all I'm saying. (Do you like how we're plaid twins in the photo? Tots planned. Not.)
+ THIS is happening and I need a mustache STAT!

Until next time! And pray for no more blog breakdowns and for way more important things like the communities affected by Hurricane Sandy! I might be in France, but my heart's with the Jersey shore. Visit to learn about a few of the ways you can help the relief effort.
P.S. Saw the print below on Pinterest (you can follow me here) and decided it should dictate what I'm wearing to a wedding this weekend. Sequins. Lots of sequins. I should be sparkly enough.
Sunday evening felt like a fairytale--an abbreviated, but fantastically magical Cinderella story. After an afternoon of soaking up sunshine in Le Jardin du Luxembourg, mon mari and I hustled back home to put on our finest and head back out into the Paris twilight. When you're wearing heels instead of Converse, even the Paris metro can transform itself into something more romantic and carriage like. Five stops from home, we were greeted above ground by Paris's beaux-arts beauty L'Opéra Garnier; its spectacular gilded roof lighting our path to la place Vendôme. Within mere minutes we arrived at our final anniversary date destination: The Hemingway Bar at the Ritz Paris.
We spent the next two hours tucked into our bar seats sipping wildly expensive cocktails and munching on the most delicious mix of snacks all the while studying the bar's extensive Hemingway memorabilia. Halfway into my rose adorned cocktail, mon mari said he had a surprise. In homage to Hemingway's extraordinary talents, the bar accepts letters sent to aspiring writers. Knowing I hold good writing to be the highest art form and my own dreams of writing something more substantive than a blog post, mon mari sent me a letter to pick up at the bar. Only my Prince Charming could think of something as thoughtful. On an occasion for celebrating our relationship, he finds a way to show his love and support of my passions. His constant encouragement is inspiration only true love can buy and for that I am endlessly grateful. With Hemingway as our witness, we toasted one year of marriage and many more years of happily ever after.
Neither of us wanted our anniversary to fade into just another calendar day gone by, but promises of homemade pasta and watching Midnight In Paris lured us off the sofas in the Ritz lobby. We left understanding why Coco Chanel called the Ritz her home and made a pinky swear pact to return next October 23rd for our "cotton" anniversary!
Man, oh man, you're my best friend
I scream it to the nothingness
There ain't nothing that I need
Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
Off to celebrate a fabulous first year!
M. Frank and I made it official in October, but we really locked down our love last week. This past Wednesday M. Frank and I placed a lock on the Pont des Arts and threw the key into the Seine--a nouvelle tradition for couples in the City of Lights. Even though I have a ring on my finger, letting go of the key felt slightly terrifying. (It was dark, windy, and very dramatic...) Even if the city goes bolt cutter crazy and takes down the locks, our lock will be there for our first Valentine's Day in Paris. As Anne from Just Another American in Paris writes on her blog, the Pont des Arts is truly for lovers. Happy Valentine's Day!
You can also lock in your love at the BHV Rivoli. Check out the store's celebration of amour <3

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