Greetings from the American Girl
My brain feels like it's been put in a Kitchen Aid mixer and turned into cake batter. I'm about two weeks into my internship and have fallen into a deep, dark, (admittedly delicious!) hole of pastries. That might have something to do with the fact that the pastry lab is in a basement and I don't see much sunlight, but I'm also running around like a crazy person for nine hours a day trying to learn everything I can, speak Franglish, and keep my uniform from looking like a baby threw up on it. Making sure my whites stay white is probably the hardest of the three. No matter what, within five minutes of changing into my new chef vest I've got a stain or ten. It's not even funny anymore. Thank god I'm not the one washing my uniform. I'm just the person in charge of going to the lingerie everyday and picking up the head's chef clean vest and apron (and quickly dumping my disaster of a vest into the dirty laundry and slipping on a new one). Not that I'm complaining. My five minute run to the laundry area is one of two breaks I get from the kitchen and the woman there speaks English so it's basically my personal sanctuary. I could hide in one of the giant clean laundry baskets and probably not be found for quite some time. It would be an awesome place for a nap. Probably not a good sign I'm searching for clandestine snooze spots so soon after starting!

While I'm drained at the end of the day, the internship itself is great so far. I might be dependent on sugary Valentine's day candy to function, but I actually make things people eat. I'd say that's a plus and there's never any standing around and just watching. All the chefs have been willing to show me the ropes even when I continue to ask stupid questions (really) or make them repeat themselves a zillion times. The whole thing is a whirlwind and I can't get my brain to stop spinning at night. Honestly, it's just exciting experiencing how another industry operates. The hotel I'm at is downright incredible and I feel like I've got a sneak peek into the behind the scenes operations. I sort of imagine it's like being on staff at Downton Abbey. Seriously! I'm waiting for Carson to spy my dirty apron and go bananas on me! I love it and keep asking myself, "is this real life?"

Happy Valentine's Day! See you soon (hopefully) for a race recap from the Paris Running Tour :)
P.S. I took some Brach's Conversation Hearts into the lab today and one of the chefs said, "What is this merde? Oh, you brought it..." So cool.


02/15/2013 09:40

Sounds amazing Lindsey! So glad to hear you're enjoying it & hope you are chilling when you're not being rushed off your feet ! xx


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