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It's been two weeks since race day, but here's the race recap for la 21e édition du Semi-Marathon de Paris.

Race Website:
Registration Website: (next year's race is March 9, 2014)
Cost: 40 euros
Size: 30,700 participants
Bib Pickup: Hall de la Pinède at Parc Floral de Paris, Bois de Vincennes
Goodies: T-shirt, wrist sweat band, plastic poncho, muscle relax gel, workout towel, race pamphlets (with helpful and hilarious tips...) and best of all--a small pouch of strawberry tagadas, miam! As soon as I realized the candies weren't "fuel" candies I ate them.
Course: 21km loop starting and ending near the Château de Vincennes. The run begins in the Bois de Vincennes, sends you through the 12th arrondissement before hitting the half way mark near Bastille, and then swings you through the 3rd, 11th, and the 12th arrondissements to go back to the Château.
Race day recap: Something magical happened on race day. You could call it a Parisian miracle. The sun came out! The rare burst of sunshine set the atmosphere for the race and you could feel the positive energy of all the runners basking in their chance to run the boulevards of Paris on a cloudless day. And while I did check the weather ahead of time, I was pretty surprised at just how warm it got. This resulted in a mid-race mid-drift flashing just as we rounded the crowds at Bastille. Pretty sure that's the most people I've ever undressed in front of! Thankfully, I had an amazing running buddy who helped execute this mid-run change and held my extra layers the rest of the race. I finished the race slower than I would have liked, but goal number one was to soak up the sights and goal number two was to take awesome race photos. Check and check!
Here are a few more pros and cons about the race and its organization:
+ You get to see Paris on the run!
+ The crowds are good once you move toward the center of the city.
+ Since it's a fairly big race, the information put out by the organizers is clear and concise.
+ Timing chip is on your bib so you don't have to wait in line at the end for the race organizers to snip a chip off your sneaker.
+ The expo is well put together, but...

- The expo is a million miles away from the closet metro. Seriously, the walk to Parc Floral is ridiculous.
- The T-shirt looks nearly identical to last year's marathon shirt. I know this isn't a huge deal, but you'd think they'd mix it up a bit. With Paris as the backdrop, think of all the amazing promotional materials they could come up with. Bright neon shirts don't scream creative to me.
- Oranges at fuel stations are dangerous! I know some folks love orange slices, but it screams old school and I see runners slip on the discarded peels all the time. For those running in a slower pace group the peels become especially problematic because several thousand runners have already passed through the fuel station leaving their trash along the route. Paris races are dying for good sponsors for fuel stations and after race tents! Untapped market, wink wink!

Final call: Would definitely do it again!


03/18/2013 11:46

So proud of you two!!

03/19/2013 04:01

Hooray! So proud of you!


Sounds like a great race full of amazing sights!

05/26/2013 02:38

what is this "bandages for your tits"?? LOL! Something about running marathons I have yet to learn or something seriously lost in translation...

11/15/2013 11:41

I still remember the last time I joined a marathon and that was like 8 years ago, but I can still remember the great and fun feeling when running with people and close friends. Really a great experience.


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