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Can one word change your year? That's what Amanda Brooks from the blog Run to the Finish asked in a post back in January. I breezed through the post, thought briefly about a word, but never came back to it. Fast forward to last week. I'm coming out of my metro stop and a word, or really a phrase, hits me and I can't for the life of me figure out why it hadn't jumped out at me earlier. It's just two simple words: thank you.
Walking out of the metro entrance and continuing my walk home, I felt sort of stunned and silly. How had thank you not immediately come to mind when I read Amanda's post at the start of the year? I'd been using a printed copy of Anne Lamott's November 2012 piece Thanks in Practice as my preferred bookmark and had recently finished reading Ann Voskamp's book on gratitude, One Thousand Gifts. Thank you should have been the obvious choice all along, but it took something much more tangible for me to realize just how big a role thank you would play in my 2013.
A few weeks before I had my thank you epiphany at the metro stop, a message landed in my Facebook inbox connecting me with two girls opening a café in my neighborhood. These two girls were in search of a baker and they thought maybe I could be that baker. After a series of events which I could not be more thankful for, I will be joining the team at Thank You, My Deer to bring delicious gluten free food to Paris's 11th arrondissement. And it was then, after the decision to take the new position really sunk in, that thank you took on its more powerful meaning for the new year. At the risk of sounding too sentimental, I think that as I began to more fully embrace thankfulness as a daily choice, the power of gratitude came full circle. I feel incredibly grateful to have the opportunity in front me and couldn't be more excited to start this next chapter of my life in Paris. I invite you to learn more about the café here and visit us for a gluten free treat at 112, rue Saint Maur when we're officially open for business in just a few short weeks!


04/06/2013 13:24

Awesome! Good luck on your new adventure, if you get a chance to look up Chef Richard Coppedge he has done amazing GF bread recipes. An amazing baker from CIA in NY.... let me know if I can be any help!!!!

04/07/2013 10:27

Linds, this is so awesome. Congratulations and good luck in your new venture. Thank you can never be said enough. For some reason, no matter how miniscule the moment of gratitude, whispering those words makes everything seem so much better. I truly believe that gratitude feeds itself and with that growing gratitude comes goodness. xo

Mia DeCrescenzo
04/07/2013 10:42

Thats amazing! So excited for you and jealous of all those people in Paris getting to taste your amazing treats.

Amanda Byrne
04/07/2013 11:08

Congrats, Linds!! Thank You, My Deer sounds so exciting. So happy for you! And this was a really nice post to read to start my week/Sunday off on a positive note :)

04/07/2013 13:16

I'm SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!! What a great opportunity and step for your life there in Paris!! I hope I can find some way to see you in action out there!! You're such a wonderful baker already that they are so lucky to have you!! Miss you and congratulations!!

04/07/2013 16:21

Congrats!! This is awesome, can't wait to try some eats! :)

04/08/2013 07:17

Oh wow, how exciting, congratulations!!

Louise Chester
04/09/2013 07:06

Congratulations again Lindsey, this is so so exciting! Im so happy that everything has turned out so perfectly for you. xxx

04/12/2013 14:28

How did I just read this?!? Lindsey this is such amazing amazing news and I'm so so proud and excited for you!!! I can't wait to stop by and visit you and try out your goodies. congrats congrats!!

04/13/2013 10:25

Congratulations! This is such wonderful news!! Can't wait to stop by your bakery!!

As for the thank you in practice, I read a book recently that changed someone's life, simply by writing thank you notes and feeling true gratitude. I can work wonders!

L Dow!
04/17/2013 09:23

YAY!!! I'm so incredibly proud of you, Linds!!! This is amazing news. I talk about you all the time to my friends and I'm just so thrilled for you! I'm thankful for you and for your passion and for your commitment to finding your passion. Thank you, my dear!! I only hope you can ship these goodies overseas! :)


04/18/2013 00:36

Thank you everyone for your sweet and encouraging comments! I am really looking forward to the bakery opening and hope that as many of you can visit as possible. Big merci!

04/19/2013 10:54

Yessss!! That is so awesome, Lindsey! I hope I can come to France sometime, visit this GF bakery and probably eat one of everything. Congratulations!


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