Greetings from the American Girl
Since I can't eat the candy, I made the photo big so we could all take a nice, long gander.
I've been weaning myself off the hard stuff for 15 days. I kicked candy to the curb on April 24, 2011. A date which will live in infamy as long as I can keep my paws off the Mentos hiding in my cabinet. I guess they're not really hiding if I know exactly where they are, and if I'm jonsing for Mentos that bad (a 3rd tier candy if I ever tasted one) then I've got a Willy Wonka sized candy problem.

Since Valentine's Day my candy consumption had been on a steep incline, inching closer and closer to Varuka level binging. I didn't want the Oompa Loompas to organize an intervention (because they scare me!) so I pounded one last bag of Haribos and said sayonara to my best friend Sugar and her little candy minions.

And what do my sugarless lips have to say about anti-confectionery hell? No fun. No fun, at all.

Paris is candy heaven. Only heaven would tempt you with candy stalls at the top of popular Metro exits. Candy at Metro exits! Do you know what that means? Candy commuting! Only heaven has candy bins at movie theaters, even the cheapo ones. You know what that means. Candy cinema-ing! Only heaven has candy stores named Le Bonbon au Palais. Translation: CANDY CASTLE (palace really, but I like the c sound we've got going).

The Paris streets are determined to bail me out of candy detention, but I'm trying super duper hard to resists the cries of gummy golden bears. Sugar and I go way back and we need to reevaluate our friendship, candy being the first difficult conversation about how much we hang out. The more I know about Sugar the less and less I'm swayed by her sneaky ways. I've scared myself sugarless for 15 days. I think with a bit more Googling and reading about rats porking out on artificial sweetener I can make it candy-less to 30.

Wish me luck and don't mention the le musée du bonbon or I might have a candy meltdown.

Have a happy start to the week!
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05/09/2011 01:43

hahah this is too funny! We need to get my husband on a candy strike, he's just as drawn to them as you. And seriously, everytime you think you want it jsut remember there is PORK GELATIN in it!

05/09/2011 10:24

After eating Ice Cream for dinner two nights in a row, I think its time I followed your lead and give up sugar today... Lets foret the peanut butter cup minnies I just wolfed down at 10:00 in the morning...

05/09/2011 12:55

I agree with Lindsey! The best way to avoid candy is to avoid eating gelatin. In France that pretty much rules out all candy! Despite the big muslim population, I've been hard pressed to find gelatin free candy over here.

One of my friends sent me like an 8lbs bag of Sour Patch Kids and it's taking every bit of self control I have not to finish them all in one sitting... haha.

Best of luck to you!

05/10/2011 01:27

Lindsey--PORK GELATIN! EW! I was totally unaware of this and now very sad--that's disgusting :(

Emily--haha, peanut butter cups totally forgotten!

Laura--Sour Patch Kids are my favorite. I don't know how you're not scarfing down that bag! Good luck to you!


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